Because I love loyalty and subscription programs (read I can expense them at the end of the year as research) I signed up for Beauty Bar’s Sample Society to compare it to Birch Box. 

I was interested in the comparison as my first Birch Box arrived last month and it was underwhelming. The packaging felt a little cheap and overly girly, I only liked one of the products (a fuschia Jour lipgloss) and then when I tried to order a gift subscription for my mother because she enjoys beauty samples it ended up being a 20 phone call ordeal because their system can’t handle you having a subscription and gifting one at the same time. Up-selling current customers is a great business model guys so take that investor money and make it easier for me to gift my friends and family! 

Anyway, aside from the long wait time to get my first Sample Society shipment (six weeks) I am extremely impressed. Much high caliber products were included in my first shipment (Fekkai, Dermalogica, Sykn, Ren and Oscar de La Renta), the packaging felt high end and the collaboration (or licensing I suspect) with Allure provided fantastic service oriented content. All of the women in my office immediately went to sign up for the service. 

In sum, Sample Society is handing Birch Box’s ass to them. 

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