Omnigraffle vs Keynote?

So I’m spending my afternoon wireframing. No seriously. Apparently I’m getting back to my roots. And I’m having an ongoing discussion about whether or not Keynote is a viable tool for this type of thing. Most everyone I know enjoys Omnigraffle but I personally have never been particular adapt at using it. Anyone that does product work have an opinion on this?

I downloaded a variety of useful templates for Keynote and I think this might actually be a pretty fun way to go about it. MockApp and Keynote KungFu make me think its kind of a more enjoyable way to go. Not that I can do a lot of useful exporting into other programs (At least that I am aware of?)

  1. grey-heron answered: I’ve used both for it. I think OG makes complex procedures simple and KN makes relatively simple ones more simple.
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