Women are under real pressure to have kids, though. They have a biological clock. So women who are the typical age of entrepreneurs—25—need to be looking for someone to mate with. Think about it. If you want to have kids before you’re 35—when your biological clock explodes—then you need to start when you’re 30, allowing for one miscarriage, which is more probable than most young people think. If you need to start having kids when you’re 30, you probably need to meet the guy you’re going to marry by the time you’re 27, so you can date for a year, get married, and live together for a year before kids. If you need to meet that guy by 27, you are very distracted during your prime startup time.

Penelope Trunk, “Women Don’t Want to Do Startups. They want children.” (via rkb)

(via hallekiefer)

Super glad I already had my first start up! Which I refer to as a child I might add. And I’m really looking forward to having my second child. Sooooooo, maybe women do want children but for some of us the start ups are our children.

If I didn’t have this attitude this post would probably depress the fuck out of me being 27 and very much needing to not be distracted during my prime start up time. 

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